Sincere Apology

Lets take a second and see
If I can express how sincerely sorry I’m
I don’t know what I was thinking
At that moment I was so emotional
Blinded by hurt and pain
Anger clouded my brain
I thought I was played once again
The one I trusted and loved betrayed me
That’s what I felt
Babe, you didn’t try to talk to me
I thought you didn’t care and I wasn’t important
And I just jumped to a conclusion
My anger and hurt took over me
Now that I realized my mistake
I realized how much I messed up things
How much you mean to me
How much I have hurt you
Babe, please find it in your heart to see
That I am sincerely sorry
I truly love you
Those words didn’t mean a thing
(12/21 11:02pm)

Sincere Apology…

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