Story of January 3rd, 2014

Today was such an ugly day with snow and freezing cold weather. Lily didn’t sleep well last night and now she is feeling sleepy. “Just great,” she thinks. She was using whitening strip on her teeth yesterday for like two hours and they recommended to use it for 30 minutes and through out the night her teeth got really sensitive. Maybe she couldn’t sleep because she was worried and scared something might go wrong with her teeth. Then, again its not just that. She seems to have a sleeping problem. She wakes up between her sleep a lot and she is a very light sleeper. Its frustrating to her, especially when she really wants to get some sleep. She doesn’t know why that happens and she doesn’t know what to do either but she doesn’t want to take medicine and rely on that.

Well back to today. She didn’t want to go out today in this crazy weather but she had no choice because she had a casting and she didn’t want to miss her casting after confirming that she will attend it. She doesn’t like missing on an opportunity that comes to her. Good thing that she layered up well so she wasn’t 100% freezing. But then again her feet were freezing and so was her face and ears. She really hopes there’s no more freezing days like today and no more snow. Snow makes everything look so ugly. It may look nice at first when its falling but afterward it just looks like a complete mess.

After her casting she went to the Port Authority station to meet with a general manager of a retail store regarding a job position. She isn’t really sure she wants that job but right now she is unemployed and isn’t getting enough work on acting or modeling. She doesn’t like being unemployed because she doesn’t want to spend too much time at home. it gets very boring and also she can’t shop or spend money if she is not working.

She finds that manager bit too friendly over texting. He is a manager, she expect him to be professional and not get all personal and be interested in joining her social media pages and such. She doesn’t know what to think. Maybe, she is thinking too much. She really isn’t interested in retail jobs. She wants to be a substitute teacher when she is not doing modeling or acting gig. But God knows what He has in stores for her. She prays for the best and wants to be patient but being patient is very hard for her sometimes.


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