Story of January 4, 2014

Lily decided to not take the job after all. She can’t imagine working under a manager who makes her feel uncomfortable and who doesn’t act professionally. One could be friendly but there’s a certain limit to being friendly to a new employee or any employee. He took it as she was offended by him so that’s why she turned it down and he asked her to reconsider. He texted her again and said he would love to her in the team and he feels guilty. Lily decided to not reply back thinking it is best to just ignore this situation.

She had trouble sleeping again and had hard time concentrating during her class because she was sleepy. She really doesn’t know what to do about her sleeping problem. She feels sleepy but when she goes to bed she has hard time falling asleep or wakes up by the lightest sound around her. So her weekend class was just a drag. She is falling behind in the topic they are covering right now and hoping she will eventually check up later.


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