Story of January 8, 2014

Thankfully Lily’s eyes are not that sleepy or tired today. Thank God. Maybe drinking cup of milk going to sleep helped a lot. She is grateful to Allah about it.
Today lily had plan with one of her friends but because of the freezing weather she decided to do a rain check. She still feels bad for canceling on her friend because we was already out and was waiting for the train. Maybe she will able to make it up some how so she won’t feel bad.
Lily hates seeing her mom crying. Makes her feel really upset and guilty for not even able to be more helpful to her mom. She is thinking maybe she should help around the house more when she is home. She wishes that her parents let them be more independent from earlier age so they wouldn’t be doing all the work themselves. Agh, she does know what to do. She hates seeing her mom having hard time and doing all the work but she needs to get things done as well.
So make issues in life makes it really hard to stay positive and patient.

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