Story of January 10, 2014

On her way home, lily jumped out of the E train on 14 st thinking she wants to buy flowers from the grocery store-side flowers guy because he sells the flowers in reasonable price. As lily was walking toward the exit and up the stairs she was very excited to buy flowers again. But once she got out and saw that the flower guy wasn’t there she swore out loud “damn it,” out of disappointment. She was really excited about having flowers in her room again and she was even thinking about taking pictures and posting on Facebook as all her friends know she is a flower freak.

Today was a good day. She is happy and in a good mood. Even though the morning started with waiting around for about an hour for the crew of the commercial she worked in today to come to the city and pick up the talents to take them to their shoot location. She was annoyed that she was early and then the production was running an hour late. But she actually liked the crew. They made the shoot pretty fun. Then again another problem was they gave the breakfast and lunch very late and don’t have enough food. Forget about food, they didn’t even have extra water! Lily loves water and she needs to drink water frequently because she has gastric problem and her chest gets dry and then she gets breathing problem.
The other talents weren’t so bad either. She became Facebook friends with some of them. And at the end of the day she left with a smile on her face and she made the director and the producer smile as well. It made her happy.
She is thirsty and back in the train again. She still hasn’t done her weekend class homework. She hopes she does it once she gets home instead of instead of getting distracted and preoccupied by other things like watching Korean drama, (yep she is a weirdo like that) or God knows what. But she knows she needs to do her homework and she hopes that things are fine when she gets home.. She is quite hungry since she didn’t get anything decent to eat the whole day.

*At Home*

Since like lily is actually just going to sleep without doing her homework. She wants to do it but she is tired and very sleepy, especially since she had another night of awful sleep with constant waking up in between. She hopes to fall asleep early and get to class early or at least on time and then try to do the assignment in class somehow.

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