Story of January 11, 2014

Today was an unexpectedly good day. It started off with Lily going to her weekend class, on time this time. During her lunch break she didn’t want to miss the second prayer of the day so she asked one of her classmate if she could suggest where Lily could pray and Lily totally forgot that there is a mosque only a block from where she takes her weekend class. Lily quickly went out and it was raining heavily but she didn’t mind because it looked good and she liked it. Then she realize she could just go there and pray whenever she has class instead of missing it and having to make it up later when she gets home. It was a good feeling and she also realized that she could pray the third prayer in mosque as well before heading home or whatever plan she has after her class. That way she doesn’t have to do lot of makeup prayers together and its always better to pray on time. She knows Allah will be happy with her if she prays on time and that makes her happy as well.

When she left the class and was getting something to eat from near by the bus top her sister texted her with typos and she wasn’t sure what her sister meant so she called her sister instead of texting back and her sister asked if she wants to go to IHOP and lily didn’t mind having a chance to hang out so she told her her sister that she is in. Her sister told her to wait for her on West 4 Street so lily got out of the store, headed for the train station and went on her way to West 4 street.

While she was waiting it started raining again. And she texted her sister and called her  to know about her whereabouts but her sister was still stuck in train station in Brooklyn. She was pretty annoyed about having to wait around and then her sister came after 40 minute. Even though she was annoyed she didn’t say much and then they headed toward the IHOP. She knew another flower place around there and she wanted to buy flowers but they decided they will go after they eat dinner. Lily’s goofy mood came up and she goofed around taking pictures and doing snapchat with her friends and the mood lightened up. She always has a great time goofing around and taking goofy pictures. One of their friend saw their facebook check-in and he wanted to join them. He is a really good friend of their and always makes them laugh so the mood got even better and they goofed around even more. Lily loves taking pictures and she always takes like 100s of pictures in one day. They talked, laughed, joked, ate and then when they left they decided to head toward the flower place. Unfortunately they weren’t selling any single lily flower stick or roses. It was just a whole bouquet of roses and lily’s for $20 dollar and she didn’t want to spend that much money so with disappointment they headed toward the train station.


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