Story of January 17, 2014

It was a movie day with few girlfriends. Lily is slacking on her writing. Agh she doesn’t know… Lot to do; trying to finish all the requirements to become a substitute teacher. consistently submitting herself to castings, trying to book casting calls and gigs to have enough money for her daily spending and bills and such. trying to get enough work done so she can feel she did it. then there’s her class which she is slacking on; not doing the homework, not doing the reading. Its a disaster. she is wanting too many things at once.. she wants to do well in her class, understand all the materials so she can land a good job and career. she wants to do well in her modeling and acting, book some big print or commercial or acting work and she is trying her best on that. she also want to do substitute teaching on the side for now because acting and modeling is so unpredictable and not stable and she is not always booked nor does she know when she will be booked so she needs something on the side to keep her stable in her daily life. she also wants to have a social life, spend some time with friends and go out and do something fun like movies, shopping and such. agh she needs to learn to balance and go for what is most important. and that is the class, she knows. agh but she is not taking it as seriously as she should and she shouldn’t be slacking. at this moment she thinks of having someone who will give her the push, constantly remind her to not give up and to study and finish up her work, who will support her, motivate her, and be there for her…


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