Story of January 18, 2014

Lily finally bought flowers again today for her room. She missed having them in her room. She just loves flowers. They brighten her mood. 🙂 One day she wishes to have a garden and plant so many different kind of flowers so that she wont have to go through a day without seeing flowers and to see them all she will have to do is step out to her front yard or backyard 🙂 Its a long way to look forward to. Kind of makes her laugh, thinking about it. In the next few years she wants to live in a apartment building with balcony and she wants to have couple of flower plants in the balcony and take care of those first 🙂 Ah day dreaming about the future. lol

Today she shaded some tears being reminded about the past after watching a TV series. Maybe that’s why its not good to watch those kind of shows; because they bring emotions you rather leave behind you or deep inside so those emotions don’t bother you or make you sad.

Whenever the thought comes in her mind she still gets sad about how it all turned out. Yes, she can’t do anything and all she should be doing is looking ahead. What is in the past is already gone. She just needs to make her present pleasant and pray for a better future.


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