Story of January 19, 2014

Lily didn’t sleep well last night, now she is terribly sleepy in class. She just want to drop my head on the table and close her eyes. It’s frustrated to feel sleepy like this. There’s this uneasy feeling in her head and body. Today she has a audition for a contemporary media video and she got little bit of “it’s terrible being nice” by Gabriel Davis, comedic monologue, memorized.

*later in the day*

Her audition wasn’t so bad. Lily feels like acting out the monologue and have someone film it so she can upload it on YouTube for directors to see when she submit herself for castings. Coz sometimes they want to see video and acting clip. But she need a quiet place with good lighting and someone to film it for her.

On her way home her train wasn’t running and she had to take the shuttle bus. OMG, it was awful. The bus was packed and she was sitting all the way in the back and the same of the bus was making her sick. On top of that someone was eating tuna sandwich and it was bothering her even more. She felt like she was gonna throw up if she stayed there any longer. She requested the bus the stop but it was barely moving. Then it finally stopped in the place when she was suppose to get out and take the train from.

Thank God.

She can’t wait to get home!


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