Story of January 21st, 2014

Today was another freezing day with lot of snow and today Lily had another casting. This one for a beauty advertorial print project for a magazine. Lily is leaving it all up to Allah; if Allah will she will get it and He doesn’t, she knows its for the best, and He will give her what is best for her. Tomorrow she has two more castings. Well one is an audition for a Web data promo shoot and the other one is a casting is for a commercial of a new hair curler.

She will go and smile and give her best and rest is up to Allah 🙂 She will just continue giving her best and continue to chase her dream the right way 🙂

Forgot to add!

Lily heard back from my Sunday’s audition. She got cast for one of the role she auditioned for but they are shooting on Saturday and since she has class that day she had to turned it down. That’s said but she is happy that they liked her audition and wanted to give her the role.

Insha-allah she will get better things




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