Do i hurt still? – sometimes
But I am fine because I know I have Allah
Because i don’t have any regrets
Because whatever mistakes I made
I made amend with them
I tried my best to fix
For what i did wrong
I cried,
I begged,
I apologized
i felt guilty,
asked for forgiveness,
prayed to Allah,
and you know what?
He listened because
he gave me the feelings
To want to be a better person
He didn’t leave me in the dark,
Didn’t let me be one of those
who don’t see where they went wrong
He gave me feeling of remorse
Not want to do wrong
To able to admit when i have wronged
Honestly i feel blessed.
Yes, it was painful
But i didn’t lose my way
I found something greater in return
And that is to be able to turn to Allah
To want to put my trust on Him,
Fear Him,
not disappoint Him,
to want to be loved by Him,
I mean what could be greater happiness
Than having the one who created you by your side
Then being loved by the one who created you
Honestly I am grateful to you
Because by losing you
I was able to turn to the one who really matters
Being able to get little close to Him even just a bit
I will continue to pray to Him to get more closer to him
This world is nothing
We will all die one day, anyway
And everything in this world will mean nothing
Only your good deed will go with you to hereafter
That ‘s all that matters,
nothing else does.
I don’t hate you though,
Nor do I think anything negative of you,
You are still a Muslim brother of mine
I hope Allah shows you the right way
and Make you get closer to Him too
I wonder if you will ever come to realize
that you did hurt me too
If you would want to apologize for that
Though i do forgive you for everything
For the sake of Allah

Do i hurt still…


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