January 22, 2014

I am very grateful of everything my Lord gave me and and continuing to give me because my life could have been so worse than how it is right now. So I am grateful for where I am right now! Insha Allah I know I will able to get to a better place as well. I never want to forget to thank Allah for everything. Today was a busy casting day. I had three castings today. I got out pretty late that I was running from one casting to another, and making sure I made to all of them.

First I went to the lookbook one but they were having a meeting and was running late on seeing the models so I had to leave that one and make it to my 3 pm casting and after I was done with my 3pm casting I went back to the first one and met with the photographer/director/producer who was hosting the casting very quickly so I can make it to my 4 pm casting. For the 4 pm one I had to wait like 40 min so I guess I could have gave more time to the lookbook one but I didn’t want to risk it. I smiled, I was myself and I gave my best and that’s all that matters to me. The rest is up to Allah. If He wants me to work on those projects he will blessed me with them. And if not I will trust him and be patient and believe that he has better things plan for me. I work hard for my modeling and acting career even though I do it with lot of limit and restriction. Before everything I always need to remember I am a Muslim and there are things I never want to do that will anger and disappoint the one who created me. I know as a Muslim it’s not something I should be doing but Allah knows what is in whose heart and I feel there’s a reason why I am in this road. It is not money that I am chasing, but a passion and dream. I want to do something with my life, the right way.

I really wish to finish my classes and land a permanent career as well but till then I just want to continue chasing my dream and book some major campaigns and also become a substitute teacher. Yes, I want to do a lot with my life. I want to be multi talented. And on top of that I want to be a good Muslim and good person from the heart!! From the bottom of my heart!!

I pray to Allah for the best


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