One stage

It’s not that I would ever want to be with him but it’s still sad how things turned out. I know it happened for the best and I am better off without him.

But it’s sad how you love someone, trust that person, care about that person, plan a future and then one day something goes wrong and things end badly and u just become strangers to one another.

And go on with your life as you were never part of each other’s life. I know that’s why it’s wrong to get in relationship. Especially if you aren’t someone who likes things turning out like that. It’s just best to leave it all up to Allah. And trust him on it. Of course you also know what you want and you don’t have to go for someone you don’t want. Just trust Allah that he will bring someone in your life that you will be grateful to have.

But being married is just a part of life, it’s not what life is all about. We also have to remember that this world is temporary so if we don’t get the one we will be grateful to have we have to remember that we will meet that person in heaven. so we have to pray and seek heaven and wish for a good life here as well.

I think too much lol

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