You don’t know who I am
But you know part of my story
You maybe able to relate to some part
Or you maybe curious to know the whole ending
Or maybe you even came up with some conclusion of your own
You think you got it all figured out
Or you just whatever it and slide down
And move on to a different post
It’s alright really,
I am not looking for an audience
I am just writing to let my thoughts out
Writing to remember what i felt
So maybe some years from now
when i no longer remember what i did today
I can just read this and remember
And i might and laugh at my own thoughts
Its just fun to look back at memories
Because sometimes they do really make you smile and laugh
And you can see how much things have changed
and how much you have changed as well
Yep, thoughts
These are all thoughts
I don’t even know what the next line is going to be

You don’t know …

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