Lesson Learned! January 30th, 2014

Today was not a pleasant day. Yesterday I found out that i booked a one of my casting from last week after being on hold and today i was suppose to have to shoot. My call time was at 12:45 and i was suppose to take the bus from the port authority station. Took the Q train there and had to walk around a lot to get to port authority and when i finally did i didn’t know where to get the ticket. Had to ask someone and got the ticket at 11:55 with five minutes to get to the bus gate and take the bus. I didn’t know where the bus was. Went to the bottom floor first and then ask someone and they said the bus is on 4th floor. rushed to 4th floor but by the time i got there was 12:04 and the bus just left. Was freaking out. called my manager but she didn’t pick up my call and then call the production and they were trying to figure things out. texted my manager and she replied back and she was really upset. Thought i could take the second bus which was leaving at 12:30. when it was 12:20 the production called me and told me they are not going to use me anymore since i missed the bus. they are already behind so there’s no reason for me to go anymore. They will consider me for future project but for this one they aren’t going to use me anymore. It was divesting. My manger got really angry with me, was yelling at me saying i ruined her name and the agencies name. that she was very disappointed in me, that the production was yelling at her, calling her irresponsible. It all turned out really awful and i feel horrible about it. But i can’t change anything. All I can do is learn from my mistake and never be late again, God forbid it!!  

I didn’t book anything the whole week. it was great that i booked my casting among so many other models and talents and i screwed up. I spend more money than i make. Its really a terribly sad story. It was my fault. I screwed up. I don’t know what else to do but feel bad and learn from it.

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