Yay flowers




Shit!! I haven’t wrote since 2/13/2014. I been really slacking in my writing. I haven’t been up to much. Just casting. Class, staying home. On the 18th I had the interview with department of education to become substitute teacher. Haven’t heard back from them get. They said they will get back in a week. Least 2-3 days. Ya Allah, please let me hear back with a good news. Insha Allah I feel I will. I pass the oral part and had to write a easy for writing part. I am not a bad writer. Thanks to Allah. I don’t get why I would not get it. Ya Allah please do give a good news. Right now I am just waiting around in Starbucks. Meeting with a talent management at 5. Was done with my castings by like 12:30. So been waiting around since. No point of going home and coming back. Too much hassle .. I will write if I get any good news


So I had some picture of him in one of my Facebook album. Today I decided to delete those as well. I thought at first it was okay to keep them but then I decided to delete them completely. It’s over completely. It was a mistake! I don’t need to keep any kind of evidence of my mistake. I just need Allah’s forgiveness and guidance to not make these mistakes again.


So today I was going to spend the day at home. I woke up around 10 something but I wanted to sleep till 12 so I went back to sleep because last night I was up till like 2 am. Then I woke up again around 11:30 am and checked my email. Saw that I got casting from one of my agencies. Two of them. One was between 11-1 and another was at 2. I knew I would have trouble making to the first one on time but that’s the one that paid more. So quickly I got up, freshened up, got ready and by the time I got out was 12:15. I knew that would be the case because I can never get ready in less than 30 min. And it takes at least 40 min to get to the city from where I live. And so it did. By the time I got to the location it was 1 pm and when I went to the room nobody was there. They already left -___- dammit! That was pretty strange. Shouldn’t they stay till at least 1 before leaving? Agh it wasn’t meant to be and I got out for nothing. But since I was already out I decided to go to the second one, even though the rate is low, and it’s for a runway show and I don’t like the time they will have the show either. But since I was already out I decided to go still. Anyway I am not that interested in booking it. I would really love it if Allah bless me with the one I went for casting for yesterday. I finished my homework though not sure it I did it correctly and I didn’t 100% prepare myself for my class presentation tomorrow. I will see how it turns out.

I bought flowers today ^_^ isn’t it great!! They spell really good. I am pretty broke because I am not bookin enough and spending lot of money on finishing up the requirements for sub teaching. I hope it all pays off! Insha Allah! I believe Allah that he will make it all work out! After all Allah loves those who put their trust on Him.

Attaching a picture of my pictures ^_^


2/5 was a terrible day out with snow and rain so I didn’t go out. 2/6 I went out, had a casting and a audition. The casting was for a large beauty project. As much as I would love to get that job I doubt I will 😦 and same goes with the audition. I guess It doesn’t matter! I will just give my best and give the rest to Allah. If Allah wills I will get it and if not I won’t. Allah knows best. I just want Allah to give me what he think is best. Nothing else.


It was another day spent at home. I am getting pretty sick of this and feeling like a loser. I need a job, or book more work. I know I should just focus on studying for my class and on doing my homework. but instead i am spending time on watching tv series. AGH i really gotta stop doing that. The whole day I had a headache and it is still there.

Almost done with completing all my requirements to go to the event for Sub Teacher. Gotta print out all the paperwork and keep it together for the day.

Tomorrow have an audition but sure if i will go due to the weather. i might try to reschedule.