I am bored!! Nothing special again. Just another day of class. When I see other succeeding I think when would it be me? Would it ever happen. Insha Allah it will. Insha Allah I will finish my ass and get a well paid job and insha Allah everything will work out. I can’t wait for that day and smile to today.

I know success won’t come unless I work for it. Right now my modeling and acting doesn’t feel like it’s will go anywhere big since I know religiously it’s not something I should be doing. I didn’t do anything in my major. Sub teaching is not a permanent thing. And left with my class. Insha Allah one of them will work out. And insha Allah I will have a comfortable happy life in this world and I will continue to pray for a good life after death as well! I won’t give up. It’s not like I am letting my life go completely on waste. I have a degree. I am good at writing. I am good at acting and modeling. And if I put my mind in something I can definitely achieve it with Allah’s will.

I will make something out of this life while following the obligation of a Muslim!

I won’t give up!! I won’t be a failure, God forbid it!! Please Allah don’t ever let that happen. I will make my parents proud and myself. Insha Allah I will be a good person and a good Muslim!

Yes, everything I write is for me! It’s all I want to remember. It’s a reminder.

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