Working in another one of Orbie’s hair styling workshop.

I did not want to be late again after what happened on Thursday January 30th. I got out at 8:40 am even though I wanted to get out at 8:30 but I knew it wasn’t so bad because it takes about 40 minutes of everything running on time to get to broadway and Hudson. I needed to get here at 9:30 and work was suppose to start at 9:45. I thought I will be on time if not early. God out and was surprise to see the snow! It’s snowing a lot today! Agh another day f snow. Went back home and layered another jacket. And got out.

When I got to the train station Q train came on time but I needed B train to get to the location on time. So I waited for B train. After 5 min it came. And then it started acting…

Will continue later about it.

I made tom yum soup today 😀 it was good!!


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