So today I was going to spend the day at home. I woke up around 10 something but I wanted to sleep till 12 so I went back to sleep because last night I was up till like 2 am. Then I woke up again around 11:30 am and checked my email. Saw that I got casting from one of my agencies. Two of them. One was between 11-1 and another was at 2. I knew I would have trouble making to the first one on time but that’s the one that paid more. So quickly I got up, freshened up, got ready and by the time I got out was 12:15. I knew that would be the case because I can never get ready in less than 30 min. And it takes at least 40 min to get to the city from where I live. And so it did. By the time I got to the location it was 1 pm and when I went to the room nobody was there. They already left -___- dammit! That was pretty strange. Shouldn’t they stay till at least 1 before leaving? Agh it wasn’t meant to be and I got out for nothing. But since I was already out I decided to go to the second one, even though the rate is low, and it’s for a runway show and I don’t like the time they will have the show either. But since I was already out I decided to go still. Anyway I am not that interested in booking it. I would really love it if Allah bless me with the one I went for casting for yesterday. I finished my homework though not sure it I did it correctly and I didn’t 100% prepare myself for my class presentation tomorrow. I will see how it turns out.

I bought flowers today ^_^ isn’t it great!! They spell really good. I am pretty broke because I am not bookin enough and spending lot of money on finishing up the requirements for sub teaching. I hope it all pays off! Insha Allah! I believe Allah that he will make it all work out! After all Allah loves those who put their trust on Him.

Attaching a picture of my pictures ^_^


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