I said goodbye to him about 6 months ago
Everything has been said and done
There’s nothing left to feel bad
It is 100% over
I am moving on
He is moving on
I am living another life
I am not the same girl as I was then
Lot has happened and lot has changed
I will not let his memory haunt me or sadden me
I let go of the last pieces of message I had
I had to because they aren’t needed
Everything is going to be fine
I will not cry for him again
I have already said goodbye
I will not need to say it again
All is said and done
I’m moving on
He moved on
That is all

I said goodbye …


My song lol

I went to the high line park
I saw so many flowers
I wanted to steal them
But I didn’t want ruin the nature

I went to the high line park
And I took a walk
I had so much fun
I goofed around a lot
And annoyed my sister

I laughed my ass off
Ya ya it was so much fun
My sister was so annoyed
She said she would leave me
But I just laughed her off

I went to the high line park
I loved the flowers and had so much fun 😀