Were Gaza tunnels built to harm Israeli civilians?

Were Gaza tunnels built to harm Israeli civilians?

NSA Doc Reveals ISIS Leader Al-Baghdadi is U.S., British and Israeli Intelligence Asset

NSA Doc Reveals ISIS Leader Al-Baghdadi is U.S., British and Israeli Intelligence Asset

My request to the humans

My request to the humans
Don’t lose your humanity
Don’t become so shallow
That you feel nothing while watching another bleed
Don’t be so desensitize
As you see another tortured and killed
Why do you cry when you see a sad screen in a movie–
But look away as another human suffer in reality?
They might not be your family or someone you know but they are human being just like you and me
Put yourself on their shoes for a second
Imagine you are going through the same thing
Imagine someone demanding you to leave you home
Imagine they torture you because you don’t want to live
Imagine they kill your family members
Imagine watching your brother or mother or sister or father being tortured and killed in front of you but you are helpless and can’t do anything
Imagine you have no home
To family
To job
No food to eat
How would you feel?
Do you really want to turn off your humanity
Not care about others who are suffering
What kind of person does it make you?
Can you tell me?
Aren’t you like a empty, shallow being in a human figure
Who feels no remorse?
You are enjoying your life
You think you got everything you need?
But at a matter of moments it can all be ruined and can disappear
Your beautiful home can be hit by storm
Your well paid job can even get laid off
Your healthy family can get sick all of a sudden or God forbid get in some kind of a serious accident.
And then you could be left with nothing as well. So don’t live so proudly and don’t be so careless
Be grateful, humble and generous to others
Don’t look away from others suffering but reach out and help one another
Life would be so beautiful if you are not living as a shallow being
Don’t turn a blind eyes because if you help and care, some way it will return the favor