Between Them

Sometimes she still can’t help but blame herself
For how things turned out between them
She still hates herself for writing those things to him
For trying to act like she is all above him
And for trying to make him feel low

She just pray that Allah forgives her
That is not the kind of person she wants to be
Maybe they weren’t truly meant to be
It would have ended some way eventually
But she guesses she is the reason for it
Because Allah wants her to be better
Than who she has been

He had hurt her like nobody ever done before
Remembering it makes her sad about it all
She wonders if he will reflect on his actions
If he will ever feel bad for how he threw her away
Maybe he will, maybe he won’t
Only Allah knows what’s in his heart

She just wants to be forgiven
Never wants to repeat
Those kinds of words on anyone else
She just wants to look back and smile
Without having to feel sad
For how it turned out between them

(12/31/13… 4:39 PM)

Between Them …