Moving Box

It’s a box
Not really a large one
But it’s crowded
Crowded with so many colors
So many different sizes.
It moves
Not on it’s on of course
One of those size or color
Or maybe combination of both
Is moving it
I don’t really know how
It’s a mystery to me
So I sit silently among
The different colors and sizes
Go along with them
Until I cannot


Walking Ahead

I feel shadows around me
Yet I don’t look
I have no desire of knowing
what’s following me.

I walk forward
Not knowing where I’ll meet
My destiny

Sound explodes in my ear
I hear scream but I don’t care
My steps are steady
But I leave the steam behind

Circle of Emotions

There’s a void in her heart she can’t explain
She tries to put a smile on her lips but
The smile doesn’t reach her eyes
She finds herself feeling sad
Whenever she is by herself
Trying to be positive
Is such a tough task for her
She wants to be patient and trust her God
Sometimes its just really hard
She wants to be happy
Without getting greedy about life
After all it is temporary
and After life is the eternal one

Between Them

Sometimes she still can’t help but blame herself
For how things turned out between them
She still hates herself for writing those things to him
For trying to act like she is all above him
And for trying to make him feel low

She just pray that Allah forgives her
That is not the kind of person she wants to be
Maybe they weren’t truly meant to be
It would have ended some way eventually
But she guesses she is the reason for it
Because Allah wants her to be better
Than who she has been

He had hurt her like nobody ever done before
Remembering it makes her sad about it all
She wonders if he will reflect on his actions
If he will ever feel bad for how he threw her away
Maybe he will, maybe he won’t
Only Allah knows what’s in his heart

She just wants to be forgiven
Never wants to repeat
Those kinds of words on anyone else
She just wants to look back and smile
Without having to feel sad
For how it turned out between them

(12/31/13… 4:39 PM)

Between Them …